Get Enthralled with Hand Painting Ideas and Creative Wooden Home Decorations

how to make home decorations, hand painted wooden russian dolls and colorful wooden objects

If your kitchen shelf or console table look bare and dull without any accessory, wooden home decorations, hand-painted in various colors, can be a wonderful way to add interest to your interior design. Wooden toys and boxes, Russian wooden dolls or just small wooden blocks, painted in different colors, can be turned into attractive decor accessories that fascinate and delight.

Hand-painted wooden home decorations go perfectly well with books and candle holders, decorating your empty wall shelves or table surfaces in elegant style. Versatile and beautiful, they are eco friendly decor accessories that are suitable for any room.

If you are looking for a few wooden decorations for your interior design, consider painting wooden toys, boxes, Russian wooden dolls and wood blocks. This is inexpensive and very effective way to color your interior design and spruce up your decor with artists details.

Hand-painted wooden Russian dolls for shelves decoration