The Canadian Takeover of U.S. Real Estate

Canadian real estate investor Victor Menasce has bought and sold 30 American properties in the past two years, including houses and condos in the Sun Belt, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Florida and Arizona. He even bought a baseball stadium in New Jersey. In fact, international buyers purchased $82.5 billion in U.S. real estate last year up from $66.4 billion in 2011.

5 Small Towns That Are Not Only Surviving But Are Thriving In This Economy

seaside beaufort sc

Beaufort SC makes another list… has include Beaufort on its list of 5 Small Towns that Are Thriving In This Economy. Our hometown has something extraordinary that is keeping us vibrant, growing, charming and people friendly. A small town where everyone wants to live, work and appreciates what we have.  Those of us that live here already know what Beaufot is but it’s nice to be recognized!